Im Soberand Im Scared to Death

You will have to learn how to pay bills on time and how to work towards your long-term goals. One of the predominant reasons why getting sober is hard is because most people who get sober initially don’t want to. They are afraid that if they do get sober they will lose the ability to have fun. But for many people, the most intimidating thing of all about getting sober is a life completely free from drugs and alcohol. Another common reason people may be afraid to get sober is that they think life might become “boring” once they’ve quit all their vices. Many times, social events and outings center around drinking alcohol. The fog lifts, the poor behavior stops, and people generally become happier and easier to be around.

Similarly, there are many people who drink and use drugs because they feel more fun, daring, likable, and interesting when under the influence. Removing the thing that they believe gives them more charisma or self-confidence around other people can trigger the very real worry that they won’t like their sober self. If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone.

Broken and Bleeding: Emotional Trauma and Substance Use Disorder

Instead, I encourage you to think about yourself as a person in long-term recovery. In long-term recovery there might be a relapse but it’s not failure, it’s feedback. It’s a signal to look deeper and learn a lesson. Those deep fears we carry are very personal and we often carry a lot of shame with them. Ironically, most people are scared to talk about their fears. Have you struggled with a fear of relapse in sobriety? Doing so while in sober living is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

fear of being sober

You can help people who are affected by alcoholism by making a donation to the Cleveland District Office. Those individuals who belong Alcoholics Anonymous or to one of the other 12 Step fellowships will be able to discuss their fears with a sponsor or in the meetings. People can use relaxation techniques to prevent fear from turning to panic.

They Don’t Want to be Different

Getting better is undoubtedly a step into the unknown and it does take courage to press forward into sobriety. To addicts, a life free from drug addiction and alcoholism has the potential to be miserable and boring. The fear of being sober prospect of never going out again and partying can seem dismal to some. Many people in addiction recovery need to learn how to have fun again and be social without alcohol. It’s rare that anyone ever wants to get sober.

At 27, she wrote a book on how to enjoy life without the thing people think they need to have fun — CNN

At 27, she wrote a book on how to enjoy life without the thing people think they need to have fun.

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