20 Easy Home Office Organization Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

While we’re still in isolation, casters can make it easy to move your desk to avoid distractions. Maybe you work near a window where https://remotemode.net/ the sun gets in your eyes. Moving your desk to a better location is a solution and it’s a lot easier when the desk is on wheels.

  • They’re hard to manage, unless you tuck them neatly into the ribbons on a French bulletin board, like the DIY one shown here by @aintshecrafty.
  • Take one – or all – of these home office organization ideas and finally make a place where you can accomplish work.
  • A box, as long as it’s sturdy enough and the right height, can doubly function as a laptop or monitor riser for improved posture and a bit extra storage space.
  • Not to mention, the exposed wood elements add an urban quality to your entire décor situation.
  • Casters can be an unusual organizational tool on the surface however they are very good at a specific task.
  • Welcome to Clutter Keeper where we want to help you get organized and stay organized so you can focus on what matters most to you.

You may want to use open shelving for supplies you use often and stowaway cubbies for tools you want to keep out of sight. Keep in mind that regardless of the systems you establish, the key to success is consistently sticking with your organizational plan. Once you have cleaned out the unnecessary clutter and paperwork, buy home office tips some drawer organizers to keep your office supplies neat and tidy. (You can find cheap ones at the dollar store.) And/or buy a smaller organizer for the top of your desk to hold essentials that you most often reach for. There are many creative office design ideas in this photo that you can easily adapt to your own office.

Silicone Cup Office Organizers

Lifehacker and Wirecutter have several recommendations from Fully, UpDesk, Varidesk, and others. It lets in a lot of light, which you’ll need to illuminate your files, phone, or keyboard. Put the box somewhere accessible but out of the way so you’re not tripping over them.

  • Another example is a magazine rack and file organizer, so you are not mixing work-related documents with other files.
  • This stylist’s cubby bookshelf elegantly holds jewelry and accessories.
  • Why not illuminate on your projects with a lamp that’ll look great doing it?
  • You can also use an inbox to place all assignments, bills, letters, and other essential projects on your to-do list.
  • Ideally, you have some natural light already streaming through your window.
  • Find here the elements of an organized home office so you too can improve your working space.

Add much-needed storage to your «cloffice» (a closet-turned-office) with high shelving sturdy enough to hold storage boxes and decorative accents. With a pegboard backdrop, you can customize your office to store supplies, hang decorations or a mix of both.

Clean Up Your Closet with DIY Pallet Shelves

You can create your organizers out of everyday household materials, like a rope.It’s a fun DIY weekend bonding project that you can do with the entire family. All you need are your hot glue gun, scissors, yarn, and decorative ribbons.Head on to this page for a full set of instructions, including photos. Binders are excellent tools for storing your receipts, manuals, warranty cards, car registrations, your family’s birth certificates, etc. Because they’re inexpensive, you can have a binder for each category.Label them according to their category, and store them on the top shelves of your office. That way, they aren’t cluttering your everyday workspace, but they are easily accessible when you need them. If your office desk doesn’t come with drawers, there’s a stylish and quick fix to that. Use wire racks instead.They’re great for keeping papers, brochures, and other loose pieces in the office.

home office organization tips

These subtle accessories typically have a few levels that can keep stacks of files or documents separate yet visible. Use one as a simple document organizer or try using one as an inbox/outbox to mark documents you’ve completed and documents you haven’t. Printers, though essential to many home offices, can take up valuable space on your desk. Clear up that space by perching your printer on a separate printer stand.

Use Drawer Dividers to Divide Supplies

This prevents your eyes from tiring, which keeps you at a good work pace. You don’t want a glare bouncing off your computer screen, either. Choose a scheme that works for you and then decorate the rest of the space in a matching, aesthetically pleasing way.

home office organization tips

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